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Pub Academy is an online resource for learning everything from how to brew your own beer, to properly preparing your favorite whiskey, or even to understanding and speaking to the complexities of that high-end wine you just bought (for your boss of course).

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Pub Academy is meant to have the information where you need it when you need it. That means there's no expensive tastings to attend, no tools to buy (and then throw away later) and definitely no right or wrong path to take as you continue down your journey. It simple; Learn what you want, when you want and the rest will come, well, naturally.

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We here at Pub Academy aim for one thing: to teach you how to recognize and appreciate quality. That's the goal behind every course that we make. We believe that, by better understanding the artisanship and hard work that go into a product, each and every one of us can learn to appreciate what makes a good wine so good, a good beer so different and a good bartender priceless.

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